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    Four Important Steps to Take After an Accident

    When an accident occurs, the most important thing to deal with is your physical, mental and emotional health. Regardless of the type of accident, your first concern should be getting healthy and ensuring that you and all those involved are okay. Unfortunately, there are times when an accident leads to a lasting injury or serious financial debt, even when it wasn’t your fault. In order to help you get the compensation you deserve after an accident, we have three tips you should follow.

    Fill Out a Police Report

    Whether it’s a fender bender or a more serious pileup, you should always call a law enforcement agency to fill out a report. This gives a detailed, written record of what happened not just from you and the other cars involved, but also from witnesses that observed the accident. You are entitled to a copy of this report after the accident if you choose to file a claim.

    Take Notes After the Accident

    You might think you will remember everything that happened, but it’s always a good idea to take notes and write down what happened from your perspective. Include the details of the accident, but also what injuries you incurred and how those injuries affect you on a daily basis. Again, getting medical help after an accident is essential, but once things have calmed down, make sure you are documenting what happened to you.

    Obtain Information About the Other Driver

    While the registration information taken by the police officer for the report should have all the relevant facts about the other driver, take note of anything that is different on the document than in real life. For example, is there a different name on the registration than the person that was driving? Keep a list of all relevant information to your claim.

    Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

    If you’ve been in an accident that has significantly affected your life, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and suffering. Call Mt. Nebo Law today to speak to an expert at 801-318-9400.