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    3 Important Steps to Take After Being Arrested for DUI

    We would never encourage people to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, but unfortunately people still choose to do it sometimes, perhaps believing that they have not had that much to drink, or simply because they make a bad choice. If you are behind the wheel and your blood alcohol level is above the […]

    Deciding if You Have a Wrongful Death Case

    The time after the unexpected death of a loved one can be a whirlwind, with so many things that need to be taken care of and a grieving process that you didn’t know you were going to be going through. As you move through that process, there might be another decision you need to make: […]

    Four Important Steps to Take After an Accident

    When an accident occurs, the most important thing to deal with is your physical, mental and emotional health. Regardless of the type of accident, your first concern should be getting healthy and ensuring that you and all those involved are okay. Unfortunately, there are times when an accident leads to a lasting injury or serious […]

    Top Reasons to Start Your Estate Planning Right Now

    Many people think that “estate planning” is something that only your rich uncle needs to do, but the reality is that everyone needs to have a plan for what might happen to their personal belongings if the worst were to happen. Regardless of your age or personal financial situation, it’s advisable to create an estate […]

    6 Reasons You Should Have an Estate Plan

    People don’t like to get involved in estate planning. They think it’s morbid, unnecessary, and time-consuming. However, it can become a much different story should the unthinkable happen and a family is left in mourning with a mountain of red tape and court appearances to wade through. Investing time in estate planning is actually an […]

    5 Signs a Divorce May be the Next Step

    Marriage is a tough challenge that takes a lot of commitment from both sides of the altar. And sometimes, for one reason or another, it just doesn’t work out. Maybe the two of you have grown apart, maybe you’re just tired of trying so hard with no reciprocation, but at some point, you know you’ve […]