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    As a former attorney with Axiom Legal in Orem, Utah, Mount Nebo Law’s founder, Greg Johnson, is experienced in handling complex litigation cases. Mount Nebo Law has attorneys that regularly practice in the Civil and Criminal Litigation Arenas.



    • Antitrust & Unfair Competition
    • Employment Law Litigation
    • Criminal Defense
    • Commercial Litigation
    • Domestic and Family Law
    • Real Estate Litigation


    Mount Nebo Law can provide In-House Litigation Services to businesses located in Utah County.  Rather than bring counsel in-house and pay high benefit packages, outsource the litigation to Mount Nebo Law and let us begin a long term relationship with you to solve all your litigation needs.

    Hiring our services allows you to get much-needed litigation support while saving on overhead and operational costs. You will gain peace of mind knowing that you have an experienced lawyer by your side.

    Business Litigation Support

    Mt. Nebo Law is always ready to represent you in any court. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can guide you through the process of achieving a favorable outcome for your case. We will match you with a business litigation support lawyer who will assess your situation and provide the legal assistance you need.

    We take pride in providing high quality litigation support services to the clients we represent. It’s our goal to help you get solutions to your business-related disputes. We are not successful unless you achieve your goals or get the results you want.

    Gathering critical information, evidence, and testimony can mean the difference between winning and losing a case. At Mt. Nebo Law, we work diligently to meet your needs and provide the outcome you deserve. Building strong relationships with clients is one of our priorities. We want you to feel confident and comfortable working with our experienced litigation attorney in Utah. Speak with Gregory F. Johnson today and see for yourself.

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