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    Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

    Slip and Fall Attorney in Springville and Spanish Fork

    Did you know that slip and fall accidents are the second most common causes of accidental deaths in the US? Yes, these are next to vehicular accidents in terms of injuries and casualties. When you’re injured in the workplace because the owner failed to keep the premises safe, you can get compensation.

    A simple slip or fall may not be as simple as it looks. Sometimes, we pretend to be all right in front of other people and convince ourselves that we’re not hurt, even if we really are. These accidents, as they happen, may seem nothing. You will only know your wrist, elbow, head, or back isn’t fine when you wake up the next morning with pain that wasn’t there before. If the accident was a result of someone’s negligence, you may file for a claim.

    An experienced slip and fall attorney in Springville and Spanish Fork will help you get the compensation you deserve.

    Get the Help You Need Right Away

    Gregory F. Johnson, the owner and principal lawyer of Mt. Nebo Law firm, assists clients with slip and fall cases in multiple areas in Utah. We know how the state’s personal injury law works, along with its limitations. During your free initial consultation, we will ask questions to determine if your case is viable. Speaking to attorney Greg as early as possible is necessary to gather information that will help us take the right action.

    Visiting us soon after the accident may also speed up the process of getting compensation. You have no idea how quickly your injury will worsen and how much you’ll be spending on treatment. With the help of a Springville and Spanish Fork slip and fall injury lawyer, you’ll have a greater chance of getting a particular amount that you can use to cover the expenses.

    Things might go wrong in the workplace. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, speak with us first. Disclosing information to anyone, particularly the insurance provider of the person responsible for your injury, may affect the outcome of your case.

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